Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Eye Update....February

Just my luck...of course it's still getting worse! For the past 2 weeks my left eye has been sore now too. It doesn't feel swollen (yet), compared to my right eye, but it definitely hurts to touch...only noticeable when I have to touch to wash my face morning and night. So at this point, both eyes are painful. I can no longer take the steroid eye drops so I am just taking Tylenol every 4hrs. It's hard to close them all the way so I have to tape my eye shut at night. I have to lube it up so it doesn't dry out. It's not necessity uncomfortable to sleep with the tape on, but it does hurt to rip it off in the morning. I have fogged out the right side of my glasses lens, so that I don't have to see double all day long. It's been really helpful for driving, sitting on my computer at work all day, and watching TV at night. I sometimes forget how bad my vision really is until I take my glasses off to go to bed. I am sick of wearing them though, because it draws more attention to the fact that my eye has issues...so everyone stares, not people at work anymore, but when I am out running errands, etc. I try to hide out at home as much as possible.
Let's be honest...I am not going to win any beauty contests, but maybe my baby girl will!? She better be damn cute for all that she is taking out of me!! Kidding, this eye disease isn't all her fault. But until she is out, there is nothing we can do about it. Either way it has to run its course. I just hope it doesn't take over my left eye too...I would like to SEE my baby when she is born!


  1. Hi, I reached to your blog while searching about Grave's eye disease. I'm going through similar symptoms with yours for myself (with my left eye). It now looks like between "December" and "January" photos of yours here. My endocrinologist first told me that there's no treatment for the condition... then I read your blog about possible treatments, and now I'm seeing an eye doctor who can help me with it. I appreciate that you shared the information through your blog. I'm looking forward to reading your update!

    By the way, congratulations on your baby!! She's so beautiful...!

  2. Kuriko, thank you SO much for stopping by my blog and making a comment! I would love to connect with you and anyone else who is going through the same thing as me!!! I am so sorry I haven't updated my blog in months...I have been crazy busy with this new baby girl. But I never even thought my blog posts about my eye disease would show up in someone's search. This is awesome. I'd love to continue blogging about just my eye...I have been through a lot, as I am sure you have too, and it is a long journey. I'd love to help anyone I can! Lets talk more. What is your email address? or email me at mraasch22@gmail.com. Thanks!

  3. Hi Michelle - I too found your blog when googling for Graves Eye Disease! My eyes are doing the exact same thing yours were with my right eye dropping down lower and protruding. I would be so so appreciative if you could tell me how this all turned out? Did you treat your thyroid (radioactive/surgery) and did your eyes come back on their own or did you opt for surgery? So frustrating to have such a disfiguring disease that you can really do nothing for. Hope you are having a fantastic time with your family!!